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Static All Pro Services

We are an electrostatic painting company for many types of metal.  Being a family owned business, we take pride in the quality of our work!

Services We Offer

Industrial- machinery and equipment
Business- furniture, staircases, posts
Schools- lockers, railings, athletic equipment
Outdoors- fencing, wrought iron, HVAC

Additional offerings- Call to inquire

How Electrostatic Paint Works

A magnetic effect forces the paint material to be applied evenly across the entire surface. The item is given a negative charge while the paint is given a positive charge, and the object will attract the paint making a durable finish.

The electrostatic process is superior to the traditional process of liquid painting, with finishes free of drips, runs, sags and bubbles.

Electrostatic painting is also an environmentally friendly process which is void of any solvents that would evaporate into the air or go down a drain.

Before & After Photos